Yoga classes in Bicester 

Gentle flowing yoga to help you stretch, tone, relax and unwind


Morning classes : Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Evening classes : Monday, Wednesday


4 week beginner courses start w/c 8 and 15 January

Choose which class you would like to come to and book in


Yoga is learning to come back to yourself.  It's finding your limits, expanding

your boundaries and being able to relax into who you truly are.

 It's about taking time to remember who you are but have forgotten

while being caught up in the whirlwind of a fast-paced life.'

From : The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown


Whether you are feeling stressed from a busy job or a busy life ... or both, make your yoga class your 'oasis of calm', helping you feel good again.  MIindful movement with breath awareness.  You are likely to find you sleep much better after your class. 


Or, maybe you do a lot of sports, and your muscles are tight - the gentle stretching of yoga will help you gain more flexibility.


Or, perhaps you are just looking for some gentle exercise to keep mobile - keep your joints flexible and keep some tone in your muscles.  Yoga could be just what you are looking for.


Using techniques drawn from a range of yoga traditions, including Hatha and Dru yoga, I aim to provide yoga that will help you stretch, tone, relax, unwind and de-stress. 


I've been enjoying yoga myself for more than 30 years, and teaching for 10 years. Come along to a yoga class ... some well deserved 'me-time'!  You can read more about my training and teaching style here.


Yoga classes take place :

Monday 09.30-10.30 The Clifton Centre, Ashdene Road, Bicester OX26 2BH

Monday 18.15-19.15 Chesterton Community Centre, Geminus Road, OX26 1BJ

Wednesday 09.30-10.30 The Clifton Centre, Ashdene Road, Bicester OX26 2BH

Wednesday 18.15-19.15 The Clifton Centre, Ashdene Road, Bicester OX26 2BH

Friday 09.30-10.30 Langford Village Community Centre, Nightingale Place, OX26 6XX


All classes suitable for Beginners as well as those who have attended classes before. I encourage you to work at the level that is right for you.  Men and women are welcome, and you are never too old to enjoy the benefits of yoga. 


To book a place, contact me on 07917 453224 or by email.


Payment options

4 consecutive weeks £28

Drop in : day time classes £8, evenings £9

Freedom Pass - as many classes as you wish (yoga or pilates) in any 4 week period £48


Most people choose to pay by bank transfer (I'll give you the details when you come to your first class).  If you do need to pay cash, please try to bring the correct change.


Class booking terms and conditions:

Health questionnaire to be completed prior to commencing first class.  If you elect to pay the 'consecutive weeks' rate to benefit from the reduced price, all classes must be taken within that term.  Drop in rate is subject to availability - please check there is a place available to avoid disappointment. Freedom Pass is non transferrable and runs for 4 weeks from date of issue.


New students are welcome .... but please do contact me to check there is a space available before coming to a class.



The Clifton Centre  

The Clifton Centre is on Ashdene Road - post code OX26 2BH  - go to the back of the carpark, facing the playing field and walk through the gate in the green railings.  


Chesterton Community Centre

New Community Centre in Chesterton - on the new Alchester Park development, overlooking the rugby pitch - post code is OX26 1BJ. As this is a new postcode, your sat nav may not recognise it. With the Red Cow pub behind you, and Bicester Hotel/Golf in front of you, go past The Woodlands on your right and then turn left into Vespasian Road - after a short distance you will see the Centre in front of you.


Langford Village Community Centre

The Community Centre is in the Village Centre - with the GP Surgery and shops -next door to Tesco.  Postcode is OX26 6XX.


All classes taught by Elaine Whittaker


Frequently asked questions:

What should I wear?

Something loose and comfortable - jogging trousers / tracksuit bottoms.  


What do I need to bring?

A non-slip yoga mat if you have one.  If you are coming along to a class for the first time, and don't have a mat, let me know and you can borrow one.  If you have yoga blocks, bring them too.  You can also buy yoga mats and blocks from me.  A blanket or throw to snuggle up in for the final relaxation session is lovely too!


Do I need to be young and flexible to attend?

No.  Classes will help you gain or re-gain flexibility, and many of my students are more mature.


What will happen in the class?

All classes start with gentle warm up movements before moving into the main part of the class, and then finish with a shot period of relaxation.  Yoga classes also include breath work and often a short meditation.


Are men welcome in the class?

Yes.  All classes are suitable for men or women (except pregnancy and postnatal classes!).


I also offer a range of courses and workshops:



Yoga for Back Pain

4 week course for people suffering from back pain - next course commences February 


Mindfulness for everyday living

Learn mindfulness techniques for everyday life - useful to reduce stress, anxiety and improve overall feelings of wellbeing.  Six week course.


Mindful Eating

Apply the techniques of mindfulness to eating - get away from dieting, make peace with start to love eating again.  4 week course date tbc ... let me know if you are interested.


Pregnancy Yoga

A lovely way to safely enjoy the benefits of  yoga throughout your pregnancy.  All the details here


Elaine Whittaker yoga





Elaine enjoying some yoga in the winter sunshine!


Asanas are postures.  In each general class, after warming up, we do a variety of asanas, aiming to take the spine gently in each direction - forward bend, back bend, side bend, twist.  Plus we do some form of inversion (head down pose).  All asanas are modified to suit the needs of those attending.  You are free to opt out of anything you don't wish to do.


Pregnancy yoga, Postnatal exercise and the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course follow a slightly different programme as they are specialist classes.


Down dog pose - Adho Mukha Svanasana - the Sanskrit name for the pose.  An example of a head down pose that gives a lovely stretch to the back and the legs.  Lots of modifications available too!




The Clifton Centre is behind the KEA Club .... go towards the rear of the carpark .... towards the playing field .... and walk through the entrance in the green railings.

This video shows the lovely Dru Yoga Water Sequence we've been learning in class recently