Qigong Classes - Monday 11.30-12.30







This class is taught online via Zoom.  You can either join the class live, or opt to receive a recording to enjoy at a date/time that suits you.


Qigong is similar to Tai Chi.  Gentle flowing movements combine with the breath to ease away the stresses of life.  


Unlike yoga, the practice takes place standing - and many of the movements can be enjoyed seated too.


In my classes, I like to start with a seated breath awareness session, followed by some warm up movements to loosen tight muscles.  Then I teach a gentle sequence of flowing movements.  Each movement is repeated several times, so that whether you are a complete beginner or more  experienced  - you will be able to enjoy the class.  We finish with a short meditation.  Overall the class works physically to strengthen muscles, improve balance and increase flexibility.  Many people find the breathwork really beneficial too.  And the gentle pace of the class enables you to feel a lovely sense of peace and calm.  I've also had a lot of people with arthritis tell me how much Qigong helps them.


Do contact me to book your place - either by email or by phone 07917 453224


Online classes (live or recorded) are £7.50


If you wish to attend a mix of Yoga and Qigong classes, my Freedom Pass may be a good option for you : £48 for 4 consecutive weeks of classes - venue based or online (live and recorded)


All you need is a chair to sit on for the breath work.  Wear loose comfortable clothing.  You can practice bare feet or in trainer type shoes as you wish.


I've popped a taster video below for you to enjoy

Qigong Taster Session
This is a 15 minute introduction to Qigong session for you to enjoy
Qigong Taster session.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [28.7 MB]