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My name is Elaine and I love yoga!  I’ve been enjoying yoga myself for over 40 years and teaching for more than 12 years.  

My Bicester yoga classes are gentle and mindful.  No rushing from posture to posture.  We take time to be.  My aim in teaching, is for you to be comfortable, healthy and happy.  For you to feel calm and confident, free from physical tension and mental stress.  


Classes start with short period of breath awareness, followed by some gentle warm up movements.  Then we enjoy some postures (asanas) often in the form of sequences so you can lose yourself in the soft flow of the movements.  We finish with some breathwork (pranayama) and a lovely relaxation leaving you feeling calm and peaceful.


I like to drip in little glimpses of the philosophy behind yoga and will sometimes share a short reading or poem to enhance the mood of the class.  In addition, I integrate aspects of mindfulness into my teaching.


Whilst none of us can remove the stresses from our lives, we can develop coping mechanisms to avoid tension building physically, mentally and emotionally.  Yoga can help you release tight muscles and improve your sense of balance physically and mentally.  You learn to unravel the knots of physical, mental and emotional tension and gain a greater sense of wellbeing.  Let your yoga class be an oasis of calm in a busy life... like pressing a pause button .. time to unwind and refresh.


Class Schedule

At present all classes are live stream via Zoom rather than face to face (F2F). Email me for the details.


Monday 09.30

Wednesday 18.15 

Thursday 09.30 

Friday 09.30 

Sunday 10.00 



Pricing Options (all classes 60 minutes)

  • Freedom Pass: £49 for 4 consecutive weeks – includes 4 face to face classes over a 28 day period and as many live stream classes as you wish - yoga, qigong and pilates. 
  • 4  class Pass: £30 for  4  F2F classes over a 4 week period.  You are welcome to swap to a live stream class anytime you need to - yoga, qigong and pilates.  There are no ‘carry overs’ for missed classes
  • Pay as you go face to face classes: £9.  
  • Pay as you go live stream classes: £7


At present, my governing body The Biritish Wheel of Yoga is advising against face to face classes due to the rising coronavirus cases.  when we are able tto start up again, all face to face classes must be pre-booked.  This is because due to social distancing, places are extremely limited and for track and trace I need to have a 100% accurate record of attendance and also avoids the need to handle cash.  If you have not booked, you will not be admitted.


If you  plan to attend a mix of F2F and live stream classes, work out which pricing option suits you best.  You only need to book for F2F classes.  Feel free to give me a ring if you need any help 07917 453224.



A bit about my training:

I spent 3 years training to teach.  First a Foundation course and then a 500hour Diploma course with the British Wheel of Yoga.  Subsequently I have completed many more hours of additional training  including Yoga for Back Pain, Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga for Depression, Yoga for Womens Health, Yoga for Older Adults, Yoga for the Menopause and Nutrition


During my training and over the many years of my yoga journey, I’ve explored many different styles of yoga.  When teaching, I blend different influences to provide gentle, nurturing classes that provide interest and challenge, but in a supportive non-competitive environment.  I encourage my students to explore their yoga practice, to unwind, relax, stretch, and above all to be mindful.




Yoga is learning to come back to yourself.  It's finding your limits, expanding your boundaries and being able to relax into who you truly are.  It's about taking time to remember who you are but have forgotten while being caught up in the whirlwind of a fast paced life.


From The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown

Frequently asked questions:

What should I wear?

Something loose and comfortable - jogging trousers / leggings / tracksuit bottoms.


What do I need to bring?

A non-slip yoga mat.  Currently I am not able to offer loan mats - you do need your own.  If you have yoga blocks, bring them too, alternatively a small towel or cushion.  You can also buy yoga mats and blocks from me.  A blanket or throw to snuggle up in for the final relaxation session is lovely too!


Do I need to be young and flexible to attend?

No.  Classes will help you gain or re-gain flexibility, and many of my students are more mature.


What will happen in the class?

All classes start with gentle warm up movements before moving into the main part of the class, and then finish with a short period of relaxation.  Yoga classes also include breath work and often a short meditation.


Are men welcome in the class?

Yes.  All classes are suitable for men or women.


Class booking terms and conditions:

Health questionnaire to be completed prior to commencing first class.  If you elect to pay the 'consecutive weeks' rate to benefit from the reduced price, all classes must be taken within that term - no carry overs.  All face to face classes must be pre-booked.  Freedom Pass is non transferrable and runs for 4 weeks from date of issue.


Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim.  The better your practice, the brighter the flame.   BKS Iyengar


Sometimes the most important thing in the whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.  Etty Hillesum

Elaine Whittaker yoga and mindfulness in Bicester



Yoga for you to enjoy.  Stretch, tone, relax, de-stress.  Get away from all the stresses of daily life and come and invest in your wellbeing ..... you're worth it!


You don't need to be fit or flexible!


"Yoga isn't about touching your toes .... it's what you learn on the way down"

Jiga Gor


Don't miss all the beautiful colours of the rainbow looking for that pot of gold 

Elaine Whittaker - yoga and mindfulness in Bicester



Yoga for enjoyment and relaxation

Mindfulness    Sound Therapy  Qigong  Tai Chi


All taught by Elaine Whittaker, an experienced, fully qualified and insured teacher who loves yoga. 

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