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Life can be stressful and stress can take it's toll physically, mentally and emotionally.  


That's where yogabeing comes in offering a range of options to help you improve your overall wellbeing to enable you to better manage the stresses of everyday living.  Whilst none of us can remove stress from our lives, we can develop coping mechanisms to avoid tension building physically, mentally and emotionally.


My aim is for you to be comfortable, healthy, and happy.  For you to be calm and confident, free from physical tension and mental stress.  


My start point is my love of yoga - I've been enjoying yoga myself for over 35 years, teaching for 12.  My yoga keeps me healthy, strong, balanced and flexible - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Around my yoga core, I've had added additional skills and services, and invite you to try any that appeal to you:


Yoga -  releasing tight muscles, improving balance physically and mentally, unravelling the physical and mental knots leading to a greater sense of wellbeing.  There are regular morning and evening yoga classes in Bicester.  In my yoga classes we work in a lovely gentle way with awareness of breath and I integrate aspects of mindfulness into my teaching.  I also teach the specialsed evidence based Yoga for Backs programme - for anyone who suffers episodic or chronic lowe back paiin.


Mindfulness - gaining the ability to have different perspectives leading to a calmer approach to life helping you manage the stresses of everyday life better.  A progressive six week course that gradually introduces all the key topics and skills. 


Qigong - very similar to Tai Chi - gentle standing movements with awareness of breath.  Helps improve co-ordinatiaon, balance, breathing and overall wellbeing.  


Pilates - building a stronger body to support you with daily activities.  Weekly class in Bicester.


Sound Baths - using the vibration of sounds to relax and release tension from mind and body.  Regular group gong sound baths in Bicester, Oxford and Banbury. Plus Womens Wellness 1-1 Sound Healing session are availabe.


Reiki - again relaxing and releasing tension from mind and body


Hypnotherapy - helping you change mindsets, habits, beliefs and behaviours


Wellbeing coaching to help you work out what's best for you to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.... and then helping you achhieve your aspirations.


Take a look at the pages dedicated to each of these options and do contact me to book in or with any questions you may have.  You can email me or phone me on 07917 453224.


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Elaine Whittaker yoga and mindfulness in Bicester



Yoga for you to enjoy.  Stretch, tone, relax, de-stress.  Get away from all the stresses of daily life and come and invest in your wellbeing ..... you're worth it!


You don't need to be fit or flexible!


"Yoga isn't about touching your toes .... it's what you learn on the way down"

Jiga Gor


Don't miss all the beautiful colours of the rainbow looking for that pot of gold 

Elaine Whittaker - yoga and mindfulness in Bicester



Yoga for enjoyment and relaxation

Mindfulness    Reiki    Sound Therapy   Hypnotherapy

Qigong  Tai Chi

Wellbeing Coaching


All taught by Elaine Whittaker, an experienced, fully qualified and insured teacher who loves yoga. 

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