Pain Relief with Tuning Forks

As part of my Womens Wellness programme, I am pleased to offer this service.


Specially tuned weighted and unweighted tuning forks can be used for sound healing to ease pain in muscles and joints.


The vibrations produced by sound waves emanating from the tuning forks give a sonic massage which may relieve pain in muscles and joints.  Sometimes the tuning forks are placed on the body so there is a physical vibration as well as the sonic waves.


The tuning fork is a form of accoustic resonator, wtih initial overtones followed by a pure single note.


I usually choose to use three specific tuning forks, which are recommended for healing purposes:


a.  174Hz unweighted tuning fork to initate the healing process

b.  128Hz weighted tuning fork - to continue the healing process

c.  136.1Hz weighted tuning fork - to continue the healing process


A healing session usually takes about 30 minutes and is £30.


Book your session by contacting me by phone 07917 453224 or email