Gong Sound Baths in Bicester         

We probably all appreciate the power of music to change our emotional state.  Sound Baths take this further and deeper – affecting us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


In a Sound Bath, I use a variety of beautiful instruments including Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Chimes, Shakers and Drums to bring you into a deep state of blissful relaxation.  Tension is released from mind and body leaving you refreshed and energised, calm and blissful.  The instruments envelop you in a cocoon of sound that feels warm, deeply cleansing and nurturing.  You are bathed in a wonderful stream of sound.


The vibrations of the instruments have wonderful effects on the human being from top to toe.  On a physical level, your cells will all vibrate easing tension.  On an emotional level you may find yourself opening up from the heart, feeling things you've not felt since childhood.  And in the mind, your brainwaves are massaged such that you go through states akin to day-dreaming, meditation and deep sleep. Many people find the experience very spiritual in nature, and most find it deeply relaxing.


Inevitably, everyone’s experience will be slightly different.  Most people tell me they feel amazing – relaxed yet energised; that they sleep like a log and can’t wait for the next time!  Sometimes when there is a lot of tension to release (mental, physical, and/or emotional) you can feel slightly irritable or tearful afterwards …but that’s a good thing … shows healing taking place.



Friday 8 October ... see events page for details of how to book



My training:

I have trained with both the Sound Healing Academy and the Northern School of Gong SoundSmiths.  My training took about 2 years so that I have a deep understanding of the power of sound.  I have been offering Gong Sound Baths in Bicester, Oxford and Banbury for about 5 years.


Contraindications for Sound Baths

Sound Baths are not recommended in you have a pacemaker or metal clips/coils following neuro surgery or during the first trimester of pregnancy.  If you are receiving treatment from a counsellor or clinician for a mental health condition, discuss attending a Sound Bath with them.  For many conditions, it can be very beneficial.



Feedback from people who have attended some of my Gong Sound Baths:

Just wanted to thank you for the gong bath tonight at the Core Zone amazing experience and I look forward to the next onel!


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the session today.  This was my first experience and I really had no idea what to expect - it was wonderful!  


Your Satuday session was so, so wonderful.  I was floating around most of the day!  (after a Facebook livestream session)


Beautiful relaxing Gong Sound Baths in Bicester and Oxford
Release stress and tension with a lovely Gong Sound Bath in Bicester or Oxford