Reiki in Bicester

I have experienced the benefits of many wonderful Reiki sessions over the years and am a qualified Reiki Practitioner offering Reiki treatments in Bicester.  In my Reiki healing, I specialise in Women’s Wellness.


Whether you are feeling great and want to do all that you can to maintain that state, or perhaps you fancy a little treat - something to support your wellbeing; or maybe there challenges in your life you would like to explore healing for - in each case, Reiki can be a lovely experience.


What is Reiki

In essence, Reiki is a relaxing experience, drawing on natural energy systems (Prana, Chi) that help mind, body and emotions to release so that the body’s natural healing mechanisms are encouraged to do their work.  It is a ‘no touch’ therapy.  You lay, fully clothed on a treatment couch, probably snuggled in a blanket. 


What can you expect?

I will talk to you to find out a bit about you and what has brought you along for a Reiki treatment.  Then I’ll encourage you to relax and begin the treatment.  You may be aware of sensations of warmth and tension release.  After the treatment, it’s up to you whether you wish to ask any questions, or simply to just relax for a few minutes.


And after the treatment?

Drink plenty of water and try to make time to relax to enhance the benefits of the treatment.


How often is Reiki advised?

It is very much a personal choice how often you have a Reiki treatment.  Many women book a 6-8 weekly sessions, much like you might a massage.  Others may book a course of several treatments to help them through a difficult period in their lives. Others book a session as an occasional treat.



A reiki session lasts for about 45 minutes and is £40.


To book your Reiki treatment, contact me by phone 07917 43224 or email.


In my Reiki healing, I specialise in Women’s Wellness.  I am trained in the traditional Usui Reiki system. 

Reiki treatments in Bicester for relaxation and wellbeing