Hypnotherapy in Bicester

Hypnotherapy uses techniques of hypnotism in a therapeutic context.  It is a simple and natural therapy which helps you reach a state of mind that allows new learning by connecting to the subconscious mind, thereby enabling old thoughts, habits and beliefs to be released and changed.


Therapeutic hypnotherapy is not magic or a miracle cure - you have to want to effect change - then hypnotherapy can have a profoundly beneficial result.


Hypnotherapy in this therapeutic context is not the same as stage hypnosis which is entertainment.


I offer therapeutic hypnotherapy in Bicester, specialising in Womens Wellness.



The following are example of conditions that may be alleviated with therapeutic hypnotherapy:

  • Unwanted thoughts - including low esteem, low confidence, obsessive thoughts
  • Unwanted habits - including smoking, nail biting, over eating
  • Phobias - including fear of flying, fear of insects fear of public speaking, fear of crowds
  • Exam or interview nerves
  • Grief
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Pain



At the beginning of your hypnotherapy session we discuss the issue you are seeking help with.  If this is a simple issue it may only take 10 minutes or so.  If it is a more complex issue, it may take some time.  It is important that I gain a full understanding of the background and contex to be able to offer you the most effective solutions


Once we have agreed a treatment plan, I will commence by making you comfortable on a chair or couch (your choice) and guide you into a deep relaxation and then proceed with therapeutic hypnotherapy to help you achieve the agreed goals.  Then I will gently bring you back from the hypnotic state ensuring that you feel calm and comfortable.


I may give you a recording to use at home.


I will never try to make you do something you do not wish to - this would contravene the professional guidelines which govern my practice.  Womens Wellness is my specialist area of practice.



I always offer a pre-booked telephone consultation lasting 10-20 minutes.  During this consultation, we discuss the condition you are seeking treatment for so that I can advise whether I can help you.  If I do not sincerely believe that I can help you, I will not accept you as a client.  There is no charge for this telephone consultation which is, of course, completely confidential.  Once we have agreed to proceed, I will offer you an appointment for your first hypnotherapy session.



Initial telephone consultation : 10-20 mins : No charge

First face to face appointment : 60-75 mins : £65

Subsequent appointments : 60 mins : £60


Payments can be made by cash or bank transfer


Simple, uncomplex situations may require 2-3 treatments.  More complex situations will require more - this can be discussed during your initial telephone consultation.



Elaine Whittaker DHP Acc.Hyp. - I have trained in hypnotherapy with the Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy and am registered with the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association.  I am a fully qualified and insured Hypnotherapist in Bicester, specialising in the area of Womens Wellness


Contact me by phone : 07917 453224 or email to book your telephone consultation