Retreats & Corporate Programmes


I don't run my own retreats, but may be able to help you with your UK retreats. 

Some examples:

  • Work alongside you as a co-teacher - offering Yoga, Qigong, Mindfulness, Meditation or Pilates - either throughout your retreat, or on a specific day.
  • Come for an afternoon and/or evening and provide a Gong Sound Bath with if you wish a meditation or mindfulness session too.

In both cases, I am of course happy to help with the mrkekting of the retreat too.


Just get in touch with me to discuss your requirements by email or phone 07917 453224.



An MBA qualified former Sales & Marketing Director, I am no stranger to the corporate environment and understand the importance of supportingthe  wellbeing of business leaders and staff.


The largest causes of workplace absence, particularly longer term absences, fall into two categories

  • Musculoskeletal – predominantly neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Mental Health – predominantly anxiety & depression


At yogabeing, I can help in both of these areas as part of your overall approach to supporting employee wellbeing.  I tailor programmes and events to suit my clients needs.  However, some examples of ideas include:


Wellbeing and Mindfulness

An insight into the foundations of wellbeing with some mindfulness techniques

Session lasting  1-2 hours – perhaps run several times to maximise opportunities for staff to attend


Mindfulness for Business Leaders

A short programme to introduce the key tenets of mindfulness and how they can support effective business leadership.

Session lasting 2-4 hours - consecutively or spilt over two shorter sessions


Wellbeing Day

Incorporating yoga, mindfulness, a gong sound bath, healthy eating and stress management – your choice of venue – as part of an overall conference or a free-standiing event.


Mindfulness for Everyday Living Course

A structured six week programme with home practices to develop a sustainable mindfulness practice

Six weekly sessions lasting approximately 1 ½ hours

Different options also offered - such as Mindfulness in times of change – 4 week programme, each session 1 hour


Approaches to managing back pain

I have specialist training in yoga for back pain and offer dedicated sessions to guide staff in correct movement and posture with stretches suitable to do at desks

Session lasting 1-2 hours – perhaps run several times to maximise opportunities for staff to attend


Contact me to discuss your needs - by email or phone 07917 4532244


Feedback from clients:

It was an interesting session which had useful reminders of how to look after yourself at work……..The information on posture was very useful……..The Mindfulness part was interesting in terms of stepping back from the chaos of work……Only really seems possible when not at work! ……Overall it was a worthwhile session and the lunch was healthier than normal!


It’s good to have it in the office because this is the most stressful place and it helps to bring the mindfulness into the workplace…… I also liked the fact Elaine didn’t use powerpoint for her presentation – old fashioned hand written bullet points – calming and taking us out of the technology zone.


I wasn’t sure what to expect but found it relaxing and the figures and facts were quite surprising..