Wellbeing Coaching in Bicester

When we are facing difficult times or decisions our natural reaction can be to consult friends and family …. but they often just tell us what they think we want to hear.  They think they are helping, but actually seeking guidance from someone independent can be far more insightful and supportive.


There are many reasons for working with a coach – for example:

  • A sense of frustration, emptiness, a yearning for something or a need for new challenge
  • You feel you have lost your sense of identity
  • You feel run down, tired all the time
  • Your job now exhausts you rather than challenging you
  • It feels as if your job has taken over your life - that you are never off duty
  • Those closest to you seem to annoy you rather more often
  • You never seem to have time to do the things you really want to do
  • You have a difficult decision to make and need help coming to the decision that is right for you


Everyone is different, but we all also tend to want the same things - a sense of feeling whole, connected, valued and vibrant.  Unsettling feelings can be particularly apparent in times of transition or when roles start to overlap in a different way.  


Let me help you rediscover your true self - reconnect with that true self that may have been hidden beneath the roles you have worn.  Come back to that sense of knowing who you are, feel comfortable in your own skin, confident of your worth.


In my coaching sessions I draw on a broad range of skills and techniques so that my focus can be on you and your needs rather than being bound by one specific technique


Coaching sessions last up to an hour, take place via Zoom or Skype and are £55.


Contact me to book your appointment.